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  • swarmster
    Apr 25, 09:21 AM
    Android has been shown ( to also gather location information, but the database is limited to a much smaller list of entries and is regularly wiped by the system. Jobs' email seems to explicitly claim, however, that Google's location information is used to track users while Apple's is not.

    Umm, Android's on-phone database might be smaller, but the phone sends all your location data to Google several times an hour tied to a unique identifier, where I'm sure the database is unlimited. And even if you trust Google with that data, they've been hacked before.

    The only way anyone gets your iPhone data is if they steal your phone and you don't do a remote wipe in time. Or if they steal your computer and you don't encrypt backups.

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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 26, 04:23 PM
    Oh well who cares besides shareholders? As long as we keep getting quality products with stable software we should be happy.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 25, 10:27 AM
    Whoever sent that email is a total moron lol

    They're acting on bad info.

    I wouldn't of even replied if I was Steve lol. This person has their mind made up if they're emailing Jobs telling him they'll switch haha.

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  • tribalogical
    May 6, 01:27 AM
    My first reaction to the headline was, "Oh no, not again..." (having already weathered both the OS9 -> OSX and PowerPC -> Intel x86 transitions)...

    But after that initial groan, a few other (more positive?) considerations came to mind.

    First, Apple really did do a great job of transitioning from PPC to Ix86... it was far less painful than it could have been. Not perfect, but incredibly well-managed.

    Now, OSX Lion is coming, and it appears to contain the beginnings of a convergence and consolidation between iOS and OSX. If we try to imagine where those OS's will be, say, 3 years out (and the hardware as well), by THAT time, it may be as simple as flipping a switch and hey-presto, you're on an ARM device without missing a beat...

    I say this because, as devices like iPad evolve over the next few years, the applications written for them will also, and by the time 'higher end devices' like desktops and laptops are lining up for a platform change, those "mobile" app versions will already be 'full featured', and already written for ARM-based devices (I'll use the current Garageband pair - with cross-compatible OSX/iOS versions - as a very early-market example of that future). So, the painful prospect of rewriting/recompiling all your code won't be nearly as bad as it was for the OS9->X transition.

    Another consideration is that tomorrow's mobile devices will be far more powerful than even today's desktop/laptops are. It's harder to imagine the future of the desktop/laptop as we know them today.

    In fact, now would probably be a good time to remember that what Jobs is creating here isn't just "magical devices"... he's embarked on defining the "Post PC Era"...

    It'll be interesting to see where all this leads, but my take on it is that it might not even feel much like a "platform switch" by the time we arrive there...

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 8, 06:49 PM
    I always have to laugh at things like this. It's akin to people complaining about having to pay $50 for 12 months of Xbox Live.

    $99 a year is a pittance for MoblieMe; break that down over 12 months and it's roughly $8 a month. I don't know about the rest of you, but I know that I easily blow $8 a week on things I don't even remember from week-to-week, let alone setting $8 a month to the side.

    It's the human way. We all know we waste money on other things. I have my sports websites that I often pay about $10 to keep up on current events. Being a working class bloke means that a certain amount of disposable income comes with the territory.

    Everyone's needs are so different. If you have one device MobileMe isn't going to make much sense. If you have a couple of Macs, an iPod Touch, and iPhone or iPad then suddenly without MobileMe you're relying on web based tools (and the weakness they come with) or your spending a lot of redundant effort in data entry.

    For me I'm at a point where I try to get things organized. My Safari bookmarks scream "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" though I'm not an OCD person in every facet of my life. What this means in the context of MobileMe is that I can be out and get notified of of an interesting web address. I add it to my phone and voila before I get home the bookmark is on my Mac where it should be.

    My motto is "never input data twice"

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  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:48 PM
    Or perhaps the entire debacle at Foxconn has fallen on deaf ears?

    Foxconn is Taiwanese.

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  • marksman
    Mar 29, 05:43 PM
    God hates us listening to music.

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  • dr Dunkel
    Apr 25, 09:45 AM
    Why should God allmighty (Steve) not lie to his minions?

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  • bigandy
    Nov 26, 11:11 AM
    i don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an apple tablet.

    i mean, the PC/Win versions aren't great sellers...

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  • blakbyrd
    Aug 5, 09:50 AM
    My predictions:

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  • PlipPlop
    May 6, 06:27 AM
    Wouldn't a new CPU have to be much faster than the equivalent Intel chip to make it worthwhile? Not just equivalent. Wouldn't it have to be able to run previous generation software in emulation for a period of years.

    Yes, Arm would have to make significant performance increases. You would need a faster ARM processor than Intel ones if you want to emulate them. So in a year will Arm have a desktop cpu of emulating Intel's current sandybridge processors at a decent speed. I doubt it very much.

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  • cyberone
    Nov 22, 11:53 PM
    the iphone will beat treo out

    i buy iphones for the whole family if they com with a full keyboard version.

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  • sartinsauce
    Sep 11, 03:14 PM
    Extremely unlikely. Or i`d say it`s impossible. We`ll definitely get DVD quality(atleast as an option). But my guesses are 720p will also be offered to those with a really really FAT internet pipe. Fat enough to fill a human body I guess:D .

    I really think Apple will offer atleast 3 resolutions ie QVGA, DVD and(crossing fingers) HD 720p(may be at an extra cost and limited in number of available titles). Apple needs to do something which will set them apart from Amazon. I`ll be really disappointed if all we get is the same as Amazon.

    Not gonna happen.

    Apple's delivery requirements for iTMS are for an SD resolution (720x486). Many networks, in an effort to expidite iTMS availability, send Apple tapes containing content. Apple will not accept tapes in an HD format.

    That being said, DVD quality downloads now (or in the near future) are a distinct possibility. Again, bandwidth is a mofo. How do you offer so much content, with such large file-sizes, to millions of customers simultaneously, while also maintaining bandwidth for music downloads.

    Will there be a download queue, so we have to wait in line to download content?

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  • tlinford
    May 8, 06:15 AM
    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    I could see Apple making some features of Mobileme free. I don't think they're just going kill a revenue stream but they could offer a basic free Mobileme account which gives you.

    A email address with 5 aliases.
    Sync features
    "Find my damn iDevice"
    Calendar, Contacts, Bookmark sync
    Web page

    Then roll out Mobileme Pro

    Make iDisk more like Drop Box.
    Enhance the sync
    Online Backup
    Cloud Music (Lala style) Pro (adds collaborative editing)
    Whatever other cool stuff they can deliver

    They don't ad but but they iAd-will! I wager ! (metaphorically speaking)

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  • fishmd
    Mar 28, 11:00 AM
    While I'm not saying there will or won't be hardware at WWDC, The Loop's interpretation of the invitation is just plain incorrect. If they have other sources that indicate no hardware, fair enough, but the invitation to WWDC 2011 is not enough to base this rumor on.

    Let's look at past WWDC invitations and events:

    WWDC2010 : "The center of the app universe" - iPhone 4
    WWDC2009 : "Make your mark here" - MacBook Pros, iPhone 3GS
    WWDC2008 : "A landmark event, in more ways than one" - iPhone 3G
    WWDC2007 : "Save the date", themed leopard - No hardware

    They apparently do have other sources. There are also a lot of other sources as well that have been saying there would be no new iphone 5 this summer. And also, look at the events you list above. When Leopard was introduced at WWDC in there was no hardware. I expect then when they introduce Lion (WWDC 2011), there will be no hardware either, just like all the analysts are saying now. It really is not to hard to wrap your head around people. :p

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  • nmrrjw66
    Apr 15, 07:17 PM
    :mad::mad::mad: I am seriously starting to get pissed.

    9 Things the Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes (

    It's a long article so here are some excerpts;

    3. In fact, the wealthy are paying less taxes.

    The Internal Revenue Service issues an annual report on the 400 highest income-tax payers. In 1961, there were 398 taxpayers who made $1 million or more, so I compared their income tax burdens from that year to 2007.

    Despite skyrocketing incomes, the federal tax burden on the richest 400 has been slashed, thanks to a variety of loopholes, allowable deductions and other tools. The actual share of their income paid in taxes, according to the IRS, is 16.6 percent. Adding payroll taxes barely nudges that number.

    Compare that to the vast majority of Americans, whose share of their income going to federal taxes increased from 13.1 percent in 1961 to 22.5 percent in 2007.

    (By the way, during seven of the eight George W. Bush years, the IRS report on the top 400 taxpayers was labeled a state secret, a policy that the Obama administration overturned almost instantly after his inauguration.)

    4. Many of the very richest pay no current income taxes at all.

    John Paulson, the most successful hedge-fund manager of all, bet against the mortgage market one year and then bet with Glenn Beck in the gold market the next. Paulson made himself $9 billion in fees in just two years. His current tax bill on that $9 billion? Zero.

    Congress lets hedge-fund managers earn all they can now and pay their taxes years from now.

    In Congress debated whether hedge-fund managers should pay the top tax rate that applies to wages, bonuses and other compensation for their labors, which is 35 percent. That tax rate starts at about $300,000 of taxable income�not even pocket change to Paulson, but almost 12 years of gross pay to the median-wage worker.

    WTF does someone even do with 9 billion dollars?

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  • Jon the Heretic
    May 6, 07:47 AM
    I can't think of a worse idea!

    If this happens, my 25+ year love of the Mac ends. Only the 68K--> PPC transition was smooth and effortless. The Intel transition was worth it for native Windows support but painful and costly.

    I have already pledged never to upgrade to Lion -- bunch of useless features in exchange for a big upgrade cost of my Macs? No thanks; keeping useful expensive apps outweigh useless new features any day.

    IF they go to ARM, tha that that's ALL folks! After the dreadful Intel transition, never again will I follow like an Apple-scented Sheep (first lost all of my Classic apps, then my Carbon apps, and now all of Rosetta apps???) You can't trust Apple to maintain Intel compatibility beyond a few years, and my apps have a much longer life than that. I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY!!! Bite me on so many levels.

    I like my iOS devices---but if this happens, my next laptops/desktop will be Windows 7-based. PCs are better media hubs anyway for iOS devices since Apple doesn't fleece you by forcing you to have the latest OS and hardware like they do with the Mac just to sync your iPhone/iPad. I'd prefer to keep my Macs but I am already passing on Lion on my MacBook and 24" Intel iMac; I would be more than fine with passing on new Macs as well and saving a wad o' money. I have plenty of iOS devices to play with.

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  • ravenvii
    Jul 29, 11:34 PM
    The Apple iPhone would have to be better in functionality than a Blackberry to be considered useful, unless they can work out a better input device method or utilize Microsoft's Vista speech recognition program.

    Hurray! Exactly what I'm thinking.

    If Apple accomplishes this, I'll sell my Blackberry and buy Apple's phone in a flash.

    But please, no speech recnogization... have you seen Microsoft's demo of their technology? Hilarious.

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  • DCJ001
    May 6, 07:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8J2 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I was about to say, "What?! And lose the Windows compatibility they bragged on so much with the Intel transition? You're kidding me!", then I remembered that Windows 8 is also rumored (confirmed?) to run on ARM.

    Yes, Windows 8 will have ARM support (

    I don't buy this rumor, though. It's too crazy.

    And Apple would never do anything crazy?

    Think different.

    May 3, 08:49 PM
    The problem with all this splitting up is that we become weaker as a split up team. Be careful before you make rash decisions.

    Nov 26, 06:01 PM
    I always thought the direction Apple would go with a tablet was as a consumer device extension to iPhoto, almost how iPod extends iTunes. Like how iTV will wirelessly pull viedo from Macs in your household, this could have been doing the same with photos years ago. Although primarily a picture frame, it could have had a touch screen and perhaps running full (or limited) OS X and permitting additional functions that users come up with.

    Before recently, its likely this would either been too expensive a product for someone using it as just a picture frame, either that or too limited for someone wanting other functions. But that's surely not as true anymore, seeing how small and cheap devices are getting so capable these days.

    Aug 4, 07:35 AM
    I do not believe that Apple should wait to announce their new 64 bit systems. They should (and could) give promos of complete overhauls of their entire Mac lineup. (Final propaganda for iMac Ultra)

    I think that Apple should concentrate on getting lots of switchers. Apple probably care about us old "maccies", because, of course, it is very rare for a mac user to change to using the Operating System That Must Not Be Named.

    I therefore think Apple promoing iMacs, Macbooks, MBPs, MPs, MMs, etc. would be in their best interest, as potential switchers would know that Apple intends to bring out cool machines as soon as they can, if not immediately. Sure, it would impact on initial sales, as no-one would buy any of their computers between then and the shipping date, however, Apple would catch many fence-sitters who would otherwise bite the bullet and buy a much cheaper (and much more pathetic) PC after Steve's Keynote.

    Wining Switchers should be Apple's goal now.

    Nov 23, 12:46 PM
    Oh yah, there was one. It was a CD player that was soooo bad hardy a soul bought it and it's barely remembered. I think it happened while Steve was at Next abd the idjuts were in control of of Apple. It may have set a record for a short lifespan, not counting Microsoft's vaporware that was never spawned.

    o.O Mactracker has no information on this. Do you have links? I would be very interested in seeing a pict of it.

    Aug 3, 10:45 AM
    do you think the macbook pro could get easy to switch hard drives like the macbook has? what are the odds of fitting two hard drives in say a 17" model and allowing people to carry multiple hard drives that can be easily switched via a port. like a bigger expresscard port but for hdd

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