Friday, May 20, 2011

pictures of new york city at night

pictures of new york city at night. New York skyline city times
  • New York skyline city times

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 16, 02:20 PM
    congrats to whiterabbit for hitting 1 million!

    Thanks, and sorry I just moved past you:D for now anyway...

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City Night by
  • New York City Night by

  • Porco
    Apr 19, 04:55 PM
    I've been putting a family member off buying an iMac for months in order to wait for the new ones, I hope the updates are very soon.

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  • next: New York City at night !

  • eldo33
    Nov 28, 04:31 PM
    standard 13" MBA

    pictures of new york city at night. 15 Shots of NYC Traffic at
  • 15 Shots of NYC Traffic at

  • J the Ninja
    Apr 12, 08:45 PM
    I know this thread is probably full of pro video geeks so don't eat me alive here. What's the primary difference between FCP and Express aside from the fact that Final Cut Pro is packaged in a suite of applications?

    Pretty sure FCE doesn't support 24fps, which is kinda a problem for film editing, and an increasingly bigger problem for other work as 24fps gets used more. IIRC, it doesn't have stuff like the color scopes or audio mixer either. The main difference is the suite though.

    pictures of new york city at night. NEW YORK CITY baby!
  • NEW YORK CITY baby!

  • baryon
    Mar 31, 07:19 AM
    Non-full screen:
    Full screen:

    Oh my GOD why Apple why?? This is horrid!

    pictures of new york city at night. New York Skyline at night.
  • New York Skyline at night.

  • igazza
    Mar 24, 04:56 PM
    ill be happy if these cards support crysis 2

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  • Spectacular New York City at

  • jonhaxor
    Jan 1, 08:32 PM
    Wouldn't it make sense to put an HD tuner in the new displays along with the iSight? .. that would make it pretty easy to rip videos and sync onto the video iPod and i'm guessing you could have an iTV app that's as easy to use as iTunes .. change the TV/monitor market in much the same way that they helped to change the home stereo market .. hrrm.

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City Night by ~parka
  • New York City Night by ~parka

  • bdkennedy1
    Apr 19, 11:02 AM
    FINALLY! I've been holding off for over a year upgrading my 2007 iMac because of the ancient ports. Give me my Thunderbolt!

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City is known all
  • New York City is known all

  • ipedro
    Jan 3, 07:18 PM
    I don't read too much into the Apple home page image. I think it only means that the transition to Intel is over and now Apple can concentrate on other efforts.
    I think the keynote will yield few surprises. I foresee a lengthy demonstration of Leopard, giving the consumer POV, and how great it will be. Maybe a few more features will be leaked out, but probably the focus will be on the consumer-level stuff like stationary in Also, iChat will take up a lot of time.
    I think we'll see some upgrades to the MacPro line. Maybe more cores or processors or something, but what you might expect. Likely Blu-ray BTO option.
    iLife will get an update, with most of the changes in iWeb, which will support multiple site construction. It will be more robust and Steve will make a couple of sites with it. iWork will see some more templates and transitions, but no spreadsheet app will be shown. They may offer further integration with iApps and address book/mail (Leopard-only)
    iTV (whatever it's called) will make a minor appearance, and some more details will emerge, but other than front row integration, it won't be a big deal.
    No phone of any kind will be presented. Steve will publicly quash the rumor saying that Apple has looked at the existing market and can't find a value-add there. After that, a bluetooth iPod/cell phone interface will be presented that allows your iPod to show caller ID and shut off when a call comes in. It also allows for initiating calls from the iPod address book.
    iPods will get a HD bump to 100Gb & 60Gb at the same price point, Nano & Shuffles may also get larger storage, but not likely.
    No wide screen iPod will be shown. Steve will say it saps too much battery life, and will point to the Zune as the example of "what not to do". Steve will note that most cars sold in the US have iPod integration and how 2007 will be a banner year for iPod integration in home & car.
    A Mighty Mouse MKII will debut in both wired and BT form, with a better track ball (non-analog) and industry-leading battery life on the BT version.

    I think that'll be about it.

    How depressing :( ... what a pessimistic member.

    Remember, this is the premier event of the year, a date Apple is working hard towards during most of the year. It's a high profile event and has become even more so in the past years.
    Apple will want to make a splash and will indeed do so, at the very least with their next big device: iTV.

    Mowogg doesn't seem to take into account that Steve Jobs hypes everything to the highest degree... and yes, we buy it. iTV is Apple's next big thing and I fully expect this and Leopard to be the BIG THING @ MWSF2007. This is Macworld after all.

    This would point to iPods being a footnote in the keynote, but the original iPod's end of cycle status (it hasn't been updated for quite some time, by iPod standards) and the fact that Zune was released earlier, I have a feeling Steve Jobs will want to one up Microsoft in the music player department after doing so with a demonstration of Leopard in the OS department.

    iPhone is iffy... I think it could wait for its own special event a month or so after MWSF... but Steve Jobs may want to reveal it when he talks about Leopard and its new orientation towards communication via iChat and the Apple Phone. I have no doubt it is in development as SONY's walkman phones are becoming increasingly popular and playing a part in pop culture just as the iPod itself did when it was new.

    Apple didn't buy a communications center for nothing. Something's going on and I have a feeling we're gonna get some information about where Apple is going @ MWSF.

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  • Above: New York City at night,

  • iRockMan1
    Apr 3, 12:02 AM
    This is the best ad Apple's done in a long time.

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City Skyline Lit Up
  • New York City Skyline Lit Up

  • poppe
    Sep 1, 01:23 PM
    knowing Apple they may put a $1,999 price on it at intro, since they know there will be a mad rush of faithful. Then after a month or two when sales settle, drop the price to $1,899 for the holiday season. Both those prices could be $100 lower, depending on what the base config offers.

    Has apple done this before? I'm not trying to make it sound like i'm rude, I really just dont know. I know that when the first MBP's came out they did that silent upgrade in power but I didnt think it was price.

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City At Night
  • New York City At Night

  • TalonFlyer
    Sep 14, 10:48 AM
    Does the iPhone have an inherent design issue with regards to antenna performance. The answer is, absolutely YES. Does the bumper mitigate this issue, in my experience it does, however only a marginal amount.

    I have dropped calls every day, in places where I would have near full signal if I was not holding the phone. I have 3G data issues, especially in the fringe areas where I did not have an issue with my 3Gs.

    The iPhone is a great device and I agree that consumer reports is splitting hairs with the antenna issue.

    Apple agree's there is a problem or they would not have given away bumpers to everyone.

    Fortunately, I use my iPhone as a phone only about 20% of the time, so 80% of my use is great. The other 20% is only a problem about 1 in 7 calls.

    So, while it is a little inconvenient when a call drops when I hold the phone in that way, or short data interruptions on 3G from time-to-time, overall I get a lot done with the iPhone.

    I do look forward to changing my iPhone to a newer device at the first reasonable opportunity, primarily because of the antenna issue.

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City at Night
  • New York City at Night

  • RaceTripper
    Jan 2, 04:52 PM
    MINI John Cooper Works 2009
    Mods include OZ Alleggerita HLT wheels, Yokohama Advan Neova tires, and Alta CAI & turbo inlet hose.
    Makes around 230 HP (which is not bad for 2600 lb. curb weight).

    pictures of new york city at night. New York Cities at Night HDR
  • New York Cities at Night HDR

  • Tonsko
    Jan 11, 03:02 AM
    Re:Focus, that's a nice motor. Heard great things about the Mountune kit as well!

    Racing wise BTCC and WRC is where it's at for me. Dakar is good too, but only because I get to see about 2 minutes a year I suspect :)

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City, 1978
  • New York City, 1978

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 26, 08:58 PM
    It's already been done.


    Nice try. How about a commercial, for-profit app?

    Good luck with your search.

    pictures of new york city at night. NYC Night Image
  • NYC Night Image

  • rasmasyean
    Mar 27, 08:46 AM
    The AWACS involved are owned and operated by NATO. There may not even be US personnel on board.

    Not according to this guy...

    He even says that European Command is headed by a US Admiral.

    There are rumours of UK and US special forces on the ground coordinating strikes as well.

    I'm sure they've been "on the ground" even before the "no-fly zone". And most of them prolly speak the language and look like them. Especially if they plan to individually target forces that will open up an invasion of a town. They would need to gather personal intel with some of the rebel leaders and go out to scout and designate specific targets. Just if they die, they become one of the rebel casualties or something. That velcro patch with the US flag under it is just Hollywood BS. :p

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City Night by
  • New York City Night by

  • alectheking
    Mar 25, 03:42 PM
    Can the new GPU even do 1080p?

    No, the whole article was a written lie. You obviously didn't watch the video either.

    pictures of new york city at night. New York City Skyline at night
  • New York City Skyline at night

  • aussie_geek
    Oct 23, 10:37 PM
    I'll grant you some slack on a lot of the points you've made, but I simply can't sit here and read your smug comments about people waiting for the C2D without pointing out at least one thing you are missing. Just exactly how do you expect your Core Duo MBP to support 64-bit instructions when Leopard comes out? Oh, that's right. It won't. You're severely misguided if you think that won't make a difference.

    yes, my macbook pro will not support 64 bit instructions. i was fully aware of that when i bought it.

    leopard is confirmed to be 64 bit all the way through -ie the user interface is as well. i do agree that 64 bit GUI applications will surface but you can't say that all 32 bit machines will be massively disadvantaged and become redundant.

    what you have implied is that the 64 bit thing will be so massive and make so much of a difference to your computing experience that a 64 bit notebook computer is essential.

    btw - the g5 has been out for years. umm wait. it's 64 bit too :rolleyes: where are the MAINSTREAM apps that utilise the 64 bit facility of tiger??


    pictures of new york city at night. stock photo : New York City
  • stock photo : New York City

  • Peterkro
    Mar 21, 06:18 PM
    Chinese naval vessel in the Med,to apparently to extract Chinese workers from Libya (I thought they got them all out before the western nations)?

    Sep 6, 02:30 PM
    i know this is off topic but are they ever gonna do anything about the outrageous cost of .Mac subscription?



    Sep 1, 01:01 PM
    No way would I pay an extra $500 for an 8% faster machine and a slighly larger display, when for that money I can go with the 20" and buy a second widescreen 20" display and have a HUGE viewable area.

    The 23" is going to have to be a LOT closer to the 20" in order for it to sell. I'm thinking $1899 or $1999, or else it will have to be decked out with extra RAM, HD space, or CPU speed.

    There are of course disadvantages to dual displays...

    May 2, 06:13 PM
    Never said anything about cooperative multi-tasking.

    iOS is not cooperative multi-tasking. It's fully pre-emptive.

    I know it is, unfortunately, the userspace APIs don't allow 3rd party apps to profit from that. You can't just write code and hope the process scheduler will happily deal with you (as any modern, pre-emptive OS scheduler does). No matter what, your apps gets sent messages to suspend itself and the frameworks are built in a way that if you don't intercept these to "background" certain tasks using a certain limited API to do so, the defaults kick in and you get sent to oblivion.

    It's pre-emptive cooperative multi-tasking if you will. It's limiting. This is a "Truck" OS. I don't need limits on truck. If I wanted limits, I'd drive a car, to use the Steve analogy. ;)

    I'm talking about intelligent pre-emptive multitasking with API's that allow the Apps to make intelligent decisions removing the burden from users to "clean up" after apps they have launched but aren't using.

    Apps aren't intelligent (artificial intelligence ain't quite there yet). If I have apps open, there's a reason and I want them to stay open. I'm not CPU/memory limited enough to warrant dumping these to some kind of swap space and prevented from sitting in their idle loop, waiting on their input.

    Taking control away from the user is in the end dumbing down the experience. This is what most folks are afraid of with all these features.

    I'm talking about Apps that are, to the user, ALWAYS instantly available in exactly the same state that they left them in.

    They can only be instantly available if they stay resident in RAM. If they are swapped out, then they need to be swapped back in.

    Apr 12, 10:10 PM
    $299... but this isn't studio

    I am guessing it will be like iLife, buy the box with all, or purchase individual FCP in App store. Can't imagine FCS with all the media for Motion and LiveType being on the app store, approx. 32GB of data. Some people would blow a few months data cap on that.

    Nov 28, 12:33 PM

    Suck it, Microsoft :cool:

    I watched a television show on the history of video games a couple of weeks ago. I forget what channel it was on...History or Discovery or something like that, but I specifically remember them saying that Microsoft lost a lot of money on the xbox, but that they didn't care...they just wanted to get their foot in the door.

    I think it was this show:

    Just last week I was watching Larry King interview Bill Gates & one the topics was the first gen xbox & Bill Gates said they broke even on the xbox but still considered it a success because they had a good position in the market.

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