Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Aleco
    Nov 4, 12:35 AM
    It installs various components into your system, so no, not until Apple modifies their guidelines.

    Seeing how many things it does install and the size of the download, I wouldn't install this on any computer. Looks like FUDware to me.

    As soon as I saw your post I thought this file was like 1GB. If 60MB DMG is a lot, I'm guessing you don't have iWorks or Office installed.

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  • corygreenwell
    May 7, 12:16 PM
    Sounds to me like they're prepping a full-on clouds-based iTunes

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  • iFanboy
    Mar 30, 05:41 PM
    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



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  • TheOrioles33
    Apr 26, 03:48 PM
    And yet the entire Android platform generates less revenue in a year than iTunes does in a single quarter.

    Thats because Android users want everything for free. Its so easy to "aquire" apps for your Android device. Why pay? If I was a developer I would stay away from the Android Market. The App Store is where the money is at.

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  • hexor
    Apr 26, 03:09 PM
    add me to another purchaser of android phone. i myself have iphone. i wanted to buy a smartphone for a family member. considered iphone but one thing that drove me away from iphone was the requirement of a pc to activate it. no such requirement for android.

    They will activate it for you in store so that shouldn't have been an issue.

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  • inkswamp
    Nov 5, 03:31 PM
    I'm actually not too thrilled to see this. Mac OS X does NOT need virus protection. Companies like this make OS X seem like it's prone to viruses.

    Blah blah blah. Lack of AV software makes Macs very unattractive to business settings.

    It installs various components into your system, so no, not until Apple modifies their guidelines.

    Seeing how many things it does install and the size of the download, I wouldn't install this on any computer. Looks like FUDware to me.

    One of the barriers to integrating Macs into corporate and business environments is the lack of anti-virus tools. Yeah, you can dismiss this as FUD (and maybe there's some truth to that) but the fact remains--someday, one way or another, there will be a Mac OS X virus. I defy you to find one IT dept. in the country that wants to be caught off-guard by that. If you're going to have Macs in a business environment, the IT staff needs to know that they're protected in the event of an OS X virus outbreak. Whether any OS X viruses exist now or not and whether AV companies are trying to sell products with FUD is irrelevant in that context.

    Those of you who want to see wider adoption of Macs in business environments ought to be happy to see this kind of thing showing up, regardless of whether you personally need it or not.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 11:33 AM
    Every choice you make has consequences. If Apple were to put in a non integrated graphics card, they would have less battery life, their Macbooks would be bigger, weigh more and have greater trouble with disposal of heat.

    This is not what Apple customers want.

    If that were true then why does Apple bless the 15inch with a dedicated solution and not the 13? Battery life? Optimus switching (something they already tout), bigger? the 13" and 15" are the same thickness...the 17" is .02" thicker yet has the SAME spec options as the 15". Footprint is NOT the issue...its a simple price/feature model(want more? pay more). Personally, I think THAT is not what Apple customers want.

    Now, I agree with you that they cant go slapping a GTX480m in there for the reasons you cited:)

    PS: How did my earlier post imply that Apple should "give parts to companies"...etc ? Apple can do what they like, I just prefer that competition has a chance to push the envelope.

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  • JTR7
    Mar 28, 10:50 AM
    I find this hard to believe.

    Apple must have realized it now has to fight for market share in the smartphone market.

    A 2-year contract doesn't stop iPhone 4 users from moving to the iPhone 5. Many people are on 2 year contracts, but are also on family plans. It's not unheard of for a parent to use an upgrade and hand their old phone down to a kid. Small businesses get 18 month upgrades from AT&T. Let's not forget the 3GS users and anyone whose iPhone 4 has broken.

    It's a huge mistake not to update the phone. If only incremental, it's free profit for Apple. In many ways, iPhones (and Apple products in general) are status symbols. People buy the latest not out of need for improved specs, but rather for the ability to say "Look at my new Apple gadget". And while I do love the Retina Display and the 720p recording, to be honest, the fact that there was a new form factor-easily identifying me as having the new phone on launch day-was a part of the reason I ditched my 3GS for the new iPhone 4.

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  • theOtherGeoff
    Apr 6, 05:22 PM
    This may give you some insight as to why.

    The problem is that Liven2 is talking out of his *ss and not seeing the reality...

    comparitive Marketvalues since iPhone released. (
    short story: Since iOS:Apple stock up 300%, Google up 30% I want to fail this bad with every stock I own.

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  • bedifferent
    May 4, 07:24 PM
    Quite true, I'm pretty sure it was. But at least it's possible somehow.

    You can burn Lion already. In LionDeveloperPreview2/Contents/SharedSupport burn the "InstallESD.dmg" to a single layer DVD or a USB drive/stick.

    Creating a bootable OS X 10.7 Lion disc (Update: …and USB stick) (

    What was hard about previous installations ? Pop CD in, run upgrade. Same process.

    You didn't have to boot off the SL CD to install it, you could start the upgrade process from Leopard just fine.

    True. Yet I miss the "Archive and Install" option that was replaced by "Time Machine" backups. Somehow "Archive and Install" didn't carry over any issues with a 10.X upgrade whereas I noticed that some upgrades over a previous OS or using your last "Time Machine" backup carry over or create issues. I'd rather erase the drive, install a clean OS, then copy over only necessary documents and reinstall important programs manually (and port over the plist's from the previous OS in a "Time Machine" backup restore point folder).

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  • ChrisNM
    Apr 25, 09:56 AM
    But keep in mind that the data might be wrong. I typed in my real name and it came up with me . . . but with details oddly wrong. Multiple accounts that could be me, but in each case with wrong data. I clearly have messed up some databases along the way (good).

    I did the same thing. The site said I lived in a $1MM+ home. I wish!

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 08:14 PM
    I wouldn't mind having Apple sell them (and I'm guessing they will to some degree), but we also have to think in terms of the market as is. If I can get a free phone through my provider every x years, I'm going to do that instead of buying outside the company (even if it is crap). If I can get an upgrade for between $50 and $300, I might consider it when I'm in the store renewing my plan. Apple can gain presence only by going through established channels; it's not to say that you won't be able to buy one in an Apple store, just that consumers who like to do comparison shopping when they get their phones might like to see an iPhone in a TMobile/Verizon/3rd party carrier store.

    I'm of two minds on this. First, I think Apple would have a problem with cell phone providers who wouldn't want to extend service to hardware not purchased through them. Why should they? They're not getting a kickback on the phone. And besides, these people buying their phones from outside sources are just a minority of users, anyhow. A minority they may feel fully capable and even justified in ignoring.

    The second thought is: how many people here remember when car dealerships were exclusive dealerships? That is, a Pontiac dealer only sold Pontiacs, a Mercury dealer only sold Mercurys, a Ford dealership only sold Fords, etc. All of that began to fade away in the mid-1980s. Now you have dealerships that sell multiple brands. My point here being that this whole "exclusive" and "main squeeze" rationale used in the cell phone industry is just as carved in stone as the car dealership thing "was".

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  • Hildron101010
    Mar 30, 10:41 PM
    Application Launcher - Useful for organizing apps
    Versions - Useful for those who don't leave an external HDD plugged in at all times.
    Resume - Useful when you need to restart your Mac
    Mission Control - Useful because you can view EVERYTHING on your Mac at a quick glance your windows, spaces, full screen apps, dashboard, etc.
    Lion Server - Server functionality that wasn't there before unless you bought a server capable Mac.
    Air Drop - Useful for quick file sharing.
    Full screen apps - Useful when you are only doing one thing on your Mac or when you are using an app that uses a lot of real estate.

    Want me to explain any more features for you?

    Well said. I think Mac OS X Lion is a game changer. I am very impressed with it.

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  • iFry
    Jul 31, 02:30 AM
    Wifi. Free iChat/Skype calls from any Wifi hotspot.

    would be hot

    MY FIRST POST. Hey everybody :D

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  • adbe
    Apr 5, 01:43 PM
    That takes some balls.

    You might well think that if you didn't bother to read the article.

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  • MikhailT
    Mar 30, 10:44 PM
    I don't know why but my MBP 13 i7 2011 is showing "Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB graphics" on the About this mac screen on Display tab.:eek:

    BTW I'm using an External Display.

    That's the graphic core onboard the Core i7 die. It doesn't change to ATi graphics when you use something graphically intensive?

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 12:19 PM
    MobileMe will make the "most" sense to you in your greatest time of need.

    For me it was getting hacked and my iPhone wiped. Since I keep my OS X Address Book, Contacts and Bookmarks up to date I was back to normal in about an hour. All contacts, documents and bookmarks just like I had left them. That's when I knew the money was well spent.

    I've got to give kudos to MobileMe support. I couldn't talk on the phone but I was able to chat with a live representative and she helped me get reset. I understand why companies like to chat instead of use the phone because people tend to be more terse over chat as opposed to gabby on the phone.

    The sync features are the reason for MobileMe. They will save your ass someday if use them.

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  • cactus33
    Apr 23, 10:31 PM
    Although I'd absolutely love this, I highly doubt it'll be here for a while.

    I think the first step would be increasing displays to like 1800x1080 on the 13", and 1900x1200 on the 15" and 2400x1440 on the 17" - while keeping the same user interface size. That would be awesome.

    Then in the next 5-10 years, I'd expect full retina.

    I doubt it would be a full jump from 1440x900 --> 3200x2000 on a 15" or something like that.

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  • jpcanaverde
    Apr 5, 02:52 PM
    Maybe now they realize that even companies like Toyota want some more ways to create stuff. Better?

    And it isn't about the theme... It could be just a black screen with the text "Buy it." But it would be a jailbreak content made by a big company. It means something.

    Jul 30, 05:04 AM
    My contract exprires at the end of September, but I doubt I'd go for this too soon. Depends on what features it would have if it did materialise. However, good news Apple may still be positioning themselves for mp3 phones as well as smartphones, (that would play back mp3/aac). As Zune arrives, the market has already moved on.

    This also reminds me, I need to go and pick up some AAAs for my Newton. ;)

    Mar 29, 09:06 AM
    I dont think so, Amazon cannot get the app needed for the streaming/storing of content on your phone or tablet approved in the appstore since. It violates apples terms, if you or anyone else has an issue with it, contact apple.

    Amazon Cloud storage app on android scans you sd/local storage for music then allows you to upload it into the cloud. Apple for one wont let another mp3 store on its phones and for 2, apple wont let that service scan for music.

    So why is the website blocking access?

    That being said, I hope Apple's preview of the future of iOS gets done with all the restrictions after all. Fighting with companies who want to build on your platform is not gonna lead them anywhere.

    Aug 11, 09:36 PM
    well, i know there was some marginal increase in processing speed but i'm talking about actually running 64bit programs. i thought you need alot more horsepower to run 64bit programs than whats currently offered... maybe i was just tired and totally misread an article a couple of weeks ago.

    Actually, no. Remember, 64-bit is only new to the consumer stuff. I've been running 64-bit UNIX applications for over 8 years. 64-bit UNIX has been around even longer than that. It's not a matter of "horsepower" (by today's standards, a 167MHz UltraSPARC I is kinda slow...), but of the usefulness of a 64-bit address space, not only for real memory, but for virtual. As well as higher precision, etc. (Assuming the CPU is true 64-bit and not limited by a smaller external address bus.)

    Hmmm... There's actually a good entry on it in Wikipedia:

    That might help you some more.

    May 5, 11:39 PM
    The question of units is not really relevant if you are not in a science/engineering field.

    I am an engineering student in Canada. We solve problems in both units. But mostly we stick to SI.

    The imperial system is, quite honestly, a complete mess. Most of the time, we solve the problems in SI and then convert the results to metric.

    Most professors do not bother to ask questions in imperial. Solving the problem is 1000 times harder than the conversion between units.

    Sure, people who already have a feel for the imperial units will prefer imperial. But if they had grown up with metric, they would prefer that.

    Full of Win
    Apr 25, 09:23 AM
    Nothing to see here...just the unabashed evilness of Apple shining through. I'm sure Apple will 'flash the wad' to the right people and make this issue go away...sad :( We are nothing more than chattel to Apple Consumer Electronics, where we are tracked and monitored like open range livestock. This is how they view us, as THEIR herd to do with as they please.

    Welcome to the future guys. :mad:

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