Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • JunBug119
    Nov 26, 10:44 PM
    Hate it when a coworker shoves me an order form and I feel obligated to purchase something.

    Tennis elbow sucks

    For my netbook

    For the mentioned netbook cause I hate using the trackpad

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  • LERsince1991
    Feb 27, 01:39 PM
    ^^^ What monitor stand is that? :confused: I really like it. :)

    Thanks! :)
    Sorry :)
    It's custom made
    I made it myself for a design project

    It's only MDF with a plastic based paint spray finish.
    I'd make a proper one out of corian though next time if I ever make the final prototype lol :)

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  • benjs
    Mar 23, 10:34 AM
    This is a long-shot, but my dream feature for the iPod classic is the ability for bi-directional communication between that and my iPhone. What do I mean? Essentially, tethering the iPod classic to the iPhone so it acts as an extended hard drive for music and videos. This way, in my car, I could utilize Voice Control or the iPod app on the iPhone to select a song from my full library on my iPod classic, and have it stream that music to my iPhone, so that I could still have the phone feature or GPS instructions outputting audio to my car. Bi-directional communication comes into play when, once I've selected my album, or told it to shuffle, I could click the physical "Next" button on my iPod classic. Again.. very niche, but a dream feature for me!

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 19, 04:56 PM
    (Jesus,BBC reporting septics have fired 110 Tomahawks already at $1 million each,Raytheon shares will be on the up soon).

    Damn those bastards! That batch cost the Americans 35 cents each! (110/308)

    Oh well, at least the rich ones can make it up at Ratheon's next dividend payout. :D

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  • emotion
    Nov 27, 02:35 PM
    Maybe they should drop the price of the 20" Cinema Display to something more reasonable, such as $499 - $699 is far too much. In the UK it is �529!

    I've seen 22" DVI Widescreen TFTs selling for under �300, often close to �200. $499 is probably too high still (even if it is a better standard of panel, and includes a Firewire hub) - maybe $399. Put the 17" up for ~$249 and aim it at Mac Mini purchasers (+iSight, -Firewire, 4 USB2 ports).

    Some would hold up that the type of panels used (see the dell 24 vs acd 23 artcile) in the cheaper monitors is different and that is what you pay for.

    Most people dont care that much though and do make the direct comparison. So price-wise the ACD looks to be a bad deal.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Jul 14, 03:04 AM
    I reckon these analyists get thier "information" by reading ThinkSecret and extrapolat even further!

    Let's just see when the Mac Pro comes out! Heck, the "analysts" can't even agree which CPU the damn thing(s) are going to have!

    (Pssst, Shhh.. don't tell anyone.... it's going to be Intel Xeon 5100 series a.k.a Woodcrest. Shhh. Don't tell anyone I said so!!)

    I used to do lots of work doing image analysis, and I wrote an application imaginitively called "Analysis". In Windows, when I had lots of versions of "Analysis" running, the names on the buttons on my task bar would get truncated. It made several people take a double-take when they saw all these buttons labeled Anal Anal Anal Anal Anal Anal Anal!!

    Why did I mention that? Oh, yes, there's a reason they're called Analysts! :D

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  • isgoed
    Aug 25, 03:02 PM
    Ah.... this speculation really brings back the memories of PowerPC rumors. Like when everyone was speculating if we see 3 Ghz G5's. I thought the feeling would be gone now we have intel (and its roadmaps), but debating on wether we might see a Core 2 Duo line-up soon brings the excitement right back. Hope this time the rumors do come true. This eventhough I am completely not in the market for a new Mac (neither was I for a 3 Ghz PowerMac :p)

    Exactly so. For everyone's reference, here's a current Intel price chart (per CPU in lots of 1000):

    It makes certain options quite clear. For example:

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 12, 12:15 AM
    congrats to mc68k for 8 million points!

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  • mongoos150
    Jan 12, 04:57 PM
    Every Keynote people look WAY too much into Apple's advertising and come up with all these crazy ideas. MacBook Air :eek: Wow its made out of 100% oxygen and is invisible, has 16 cores, 4 BluRay drives, 2 HD drives and Windows Vista Pre-installed on a Bootcamp partition.

    Every time people come away disappointed because they overhyped it themselves.

    Apples advertising is done by a marketing company like anyone elses. Some of the adverts are good, some are not. There are no super secret cryptic clues. Its always quite obvious but no one sees it. There may be a little lateral thinking involved but if no one gets what they are promoting then no one will buy the products.

    "There's something in the air" clearly means there's something in the air. It's either a PowerBook G5 that runs on unleaded fuel or something to do with wireless content streaming.


    I'm sure it is something very mundane, like streaming movie rentals via iTunes.

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  • arn
    Jan 11, 07:55 PM
    added a line to the article...

    "- It will be called the MacBook Air"


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  • iApache
    Nov 25, 12:11 AM
    Picked up GT5 Collectors edition earlier today :D

    Idk why the pic is sideways, but u get the point :p

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  • pmjoe
    Apr 26, 03:58 PM
    Trademarking office. How pompous. What's next, trademarking word and windows? :rolleyes:


    No difference at all, really. The concept of windows in GUI computing was introduced long before Microsoft decided to clone Mac OS. Windows in computing is just as generic a term as windows in your home.
    What Microsoft sells is an Operating System, not a GUI element. Apple is welcome to rename their OS to "Buttons" or "Menus" and trademark that for their OS name if they choose.

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 09:23 AM
    well core2duo would have been better, but at least they got rid of the solo.*

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 19, 06:24 PM
    Too bad we can't get an occational mention on the front page of this here website! ARN, are you out there, hint, hint... I'd write something to post on the front page but I'm not a good writer :D

    yeah that would help. but i think if we keep new threads and posts going in here then people will see it with forum spy and get more people involved. i mean just the little we've been posting here in the last few has gotten more people going. just look at me, you, scifrog, and others who really started stepping it up.
    mc68k stepped it up also, but he's been active on here more in the past than we have (not to take anything away from him).

    we just need 4JNA to come back!

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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Jul 18, 04:25 AM
    I actually prefer renting to buying, if the price is right. Don't have to worry about driving back and forth, and don't have to worry about late fees. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't download music from iTunes though, and I like to have everything I own also in a physical format. (I buy CDs.) Thus, I like this system because I can look at a movie just once or twice (It's not like I watch most movies more than once anyways) and if it's really good, I'll go to a store and buy it.

    Of course, this all depends on the price of the rental. If it's anything over $3 maybe $4 pending on quality, I'd rather just bring myself to a movie theatre. Or borrow a DVD from a friend.

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  • dongmin
    Jan 13, 01:34 AM
    Hmm maybe they could get around this by shipping bluetooth headphones with it.

    And the no-plug dock charging sounds good too.

    Imagine a ultra portable macbook with no ports.

    It would have a docking station with a lot of ports in the dock but it would all wirelessly be transfered to the macbook.

    No clicking into the dock. Just set it down.

    If the dock could be integrated into the desk it could look like you are just setting it on the desk.

    But it is wirelessly sending power and signals with the dock which has usb, firewire, large HD, optical drive, headphone jacks, and other ports that are hidden under the desk.

    Edit: just realized that in the time I took to reply someone else already pointed out bluetooth headphones.

    So the only way to use a thumb drive or download photos from a camera or sync your iPod/iPhone is through your dock when you're at home???

    This IS the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    I heard a rumor that these will not have a retina display or BluRay. No, seriously. They won't. My source is never wrong.

    Heard this from a friend of a friend who knows an analyst who is predicting these will be WHITE and Verizon AND Toys "R" Us will have them!

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  • MythicFrost
    Mar 26, 03:28 AM
    iPad 1 does not support HDMI out, so I'm assuming no, it doesn't work.
    Last time I checked, the accessory worked with iPad 1 at 720p.

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  • Veinticinco
    Apr 3, 04:16 AM
    Did anyone else thing that was a really bad advert? They hardly showed the product fully at all!
    As I posted above, I thought it was awful. But not for the reason you're suggesting. Not the best way to rate an advert. They're not all show 'n tells. No need to be especially if your product has global brand recognition, and all about the experience.

    Case in point...

    Apr 22, 09:43 AM
    Why would Apple release an iMac refresh a couple of months before a new OS debuts? Also, this would be the FASTEST REFRESH IN APPLE HISTORY at 9 months.

    You all fell for the hype and made Bri@n T0ng (eat that SEO) and Sea-NET advertising revenue. :rolleyes:

    because a lot of people will buy the iMac and then 10.7 for another $29 or so. more money in their pockets

    Aug 16, 07:26 AM
    I think they'll use 802.11 for wireless. That way, I can stream my music from iPod to Airport Express directly. Although Firewire/USB will still be the primary I/O.

    Apr 8, 07:42 PM
    So why not Mexico? Mexico is experiencing way more violence than most of these Middle East countries yet their request for U.N. aid in 2009 was denied. They are on our doorstep and we are ignoring it for the most part even though we are partly to blame for the violence. The U.N. actually told Mexico just the other day to withdraw their own Military forces from the fight against the cartels.

    Well we are working with Mexico in a diplomatic sense....but you know, it's not a war zone, so bombing them isn't going to be effective.

    And putting troops on the ground in Mexico was never requested and would likely result in more fighting. The solution to Mexico's troubles are social, not through weapons.

    Jan 12, 12:47 AM

    Let's just keep it simple. Here are the two things that are in the air:

    1. WIMAX type wireless for MacBook Pros
    2. The ability to sync your iPod and iPhone without a cable

    Mar 1, 05:26 PM
    New set up, still awaiting my 27" Display and 15" i7 MacBook Pro :D
    (not great quality, taken with iPhone 4)

    Old set up, was a little tight:
    (taken with much nicer camera :p)

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